Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Program

The Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) program is facilitated by a group of Canberra health professionals. We also may have health professionals who are undertaking specialist training in DBT skills. These Psychologists are registered with the relevant health professional Board, may be completing their Clinical Psychology university degree and are attending the program as part of developing specialist training in DBT.

The program lasts approximately six months (minimum) and includes weekly individual therapy (1 hour), a skills training group (2.5 hours), phone coaching, and a therapist consultation group.

Individual Therapy: Through a combination of dialectical, validation, and problem-solving strategies, individual therapy helps you to reduce problematic, mood-dependent behaviors and replace them with more skillful responses.

Skills Training: A skills training group combines lecture, discussion and practice exercises to develop and refine skills in non-judgmental, present moment awareness and acceptance, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, problem-solving, and relapse prevention.

Telephone Coaching: Phone coaching is designed to promote skills use where it matters most — in the real world. Coaching can be especially helpful to you when you find yourself in difficult situations and need assistance in putting the skills to work.

Consultation Group: Consultation group is for DBT practitioners. In a non-judgmental and validating environment, therapists problem-solve difficulties that interfere with clients’ progress in treatment and help keep each other within a dialectical framework.

Skills Training: The skills group runs on Mondays. There is a refreshment break midway through the group. There is a morning group and an evening group.

Skills Training Location: Skills Group is currently held at the hall at the back of Christ Church Hawker, 198-206 Hawker Place, Hawker. Efforts are made to match clients to a group that will suit them, however no guarantees can be made that a place will be available in a particular group. It is important to be aware you may have to travel to either location across the course of the program.

Finishing early: the program often takes longer than the minimum six months to complete due to breaks between skills modules, public holidays etc. Finishing early is not encouraged as it means missing important skills. However, if it is unavoidable, please be aware there are no refunds for the pre-paid group sessions. On very rare occasions, clients may be asked to leave the program early or be asked to take a break from the program. Please ensure this is discussed with your therapist before starting the program as there are no refunds even if taking a break or finishing early is not mutually agreed on.